Pop-up sociocracy

A blueprint of the self-organizing essentials

1. The first meeting

1.1 Define or approve the aim

1.2 Get an idea of who is in & appoint a convener

1.3 Get to know each other!

2. Second meeting

2.1 Reactions to the aim and grounding yourself in the work

2.2 Form sub-circles?

2.3 Decision making method

3. The four or five coming meetings

3.1 Organize your documents:

3.2 Select circle roles

3. 3 Tackle the issues

4. Formalize and consolidate

4.1 Organize your documents more and define workflows/basic policy

4.2 Governance

4.3 Build for the long run: Mission Circle

5. Improve everything, forever

Sociocracy, Non-Violent Communication, Linguistics

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