Is “good enough” good enough?!

A common misunderstanding of the consent slogan “good enough for now, safe enough to try”

What’s consent decision-making?

Different decision-making methods would lead to different decisions in this scenario. (See a comparison of decision-making methods.). What would happen in consent decision-making?

  • In consent, a proposal moves forward when no one on the team objects.
  • One objects when there’s a reason to believe that the proposal will negatively impact our capacity to achieve the aim of the group. (See more on consent here and a comparison with consensus here.)

So is consent good enough?

Many people find consent decision-making liberating because it’s the work of the circle that determines our decisions, not people’s likes and dislikes. And it’s so much more pragmatic and faster than dealing with all the preferences.



Sociocracy, Non-Violent Communication, Linguistics

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