Holacracy and sociocracy

1. Introduction

1.1 Holacracy and sociocracy — likeness and differences

1.2 My own background

1.3 A note in history

2. How they are the same

2.1 Consent and consent process

2.2 The selection process

2.3 Nested circles and linking

2.4 Process

2.5 Differences that depend on the culture/context

2.4.1 Strictness of process

2.4.2 Policy/governance vs. tactical/operational

2.4.3 Boards

2.4.4 Some Jargon

3. How they are different

3.1 How the circle lead is chosen

3.2 How operational roles are chosen

3.3. Circle and roles, roles and circles

3.3 Who owns the method

4. Closing

4.1 The whole difference in one paragraph

4.2 Personal comments: So why the big difference in perception?

4.3 Closing the divide. Let’s talk about what we want

Sociocracy, Non-Violent Communication, Linguistics