Collective decision-making creates more opportunities to listen and deepen our connections, restoring our human fabric and the ecosystems we inhabit.

Josef Schiller via Pixabay

You can change the rules of the game!

Here are some basic everyday like decisions:

  • You want to go out to eat as a family? How will you decide where to eat, when to leave, and whether we are still going even though one family member has other plans?
  • You want to start a book club? How will you decide what book to read, how…

Setting your pace in self-management

Five ways to get lost in a meeting… or what to do if you do

What can natural languages teach us about self-governance?

  • People use language to describe the world around them and align their description of the world. This coat is brown, and I think it’s faux fur.
  • Words…

Different mindsets to forward motion and reflection

Introduction: salaries in sociocracy

And why now?

An introduction to governance and sociocracy

1. Introduction

1.1 Holacracy and sociocracy — likeness and differences

Ted Rau

Sociocracy, Non-Violent Communication, Linguistics

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